Liu Lab Values and Expectations

This Values and Expectations Statement provides guidelines on the broad cultural values of the Liu Lab, as well as some specifics as to how those values are implemented. The intent of this living document is to make transparent the priorities of the lab and to provide continued growth for all members of the Liu Lab.

The philosophy of the Liu Lab is that each and every member of the research group is an active contributor to the team. 

    • We value evidence-based science.
    • We affirm the right of every member of our community to feel safe and seen within our lab space. 
    • We seek to create a lab environment where each individual is thriving and respected.
    • We value accountability for ourselves and in the mentor-mentee relationship.
    • We believe that everyone has something to contribute and that everyone has something to learn. 
    • We commit to creating a community of open communication where everyone is honest when they need help or have made a mistake.
    • We affirm that Black Lives Matter.
    • We recognize that diverse groups are vibrant groups and that diversity is absolutely needed to tackle the great challenges we face. 
    • We know that our lab is not diverse enough.
    • We commit to continue to engage in conversation and learning to combat racism and discrimination.
    • We commit to hold each other accountable for doing the necessary work toward equity and justice.




Inspired by the Hammond Lab, MIT & the Berry Lab, MHC