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Back in the office

Posted by: amy-briggs | July 20, 2009 | No Comment |

Charlotte and I have once again taken up our posts in the BLM office because we had no field work planned for today. This is the slightly less glamorous part of our work here, but more comfortable on hot days (yesterday was a scorcher, and I think the AC in our trailer might have broken…) and still satisfying, especially when we complete things. I am the sort of person who loves checking things off my to-do list. Today, for example, we have already had several small victories: we entered all the data from our banding on friday into excel (check), got it uploaded into bandit, a national banding database (check), updated our bird species list (check), and I finished the MAPS station map I’ve been working on for the past week or two (CHECK!). As I put the finishing touches on this map, I was comparing it to sabrinas from two years ago and noticed that she finished her map on exactly the same day two years ago. Eerie.

Completed MAPS station map!

Completed MAPS station map! Apologies for the pixel-y quality- I had to resize it a bunch to get it to fit on here.

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