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Montrose Mania Starts Again!

Posted by: kristen-boysen | April 8, 2010 | No Comment |

After our winter hibernation (not filled with sleep but with plankton-counting and thesis writing), the Channel Islands crew returned to Santa Barbara Island. We’ve already completed two cruises—one over Spring Break in mid-March and one in the beginning of April. Both expeditions were great successes. Ali Corley (PO ’11) and Nick Tyack (PO ’11) got their first taste of the sea and will use the data we collected in their senior thesis during the coming school year.

Details on the cruises will come soon! But they were both filled with high adventure,  whale sightings, and, of course, Xantus’s Murrelets.  

Nell Baldwin (PO '10) and Ali Corley (PO '11) prepare to deploy the CTD off the back deck of the R/V Shearwater . The plankton net sits on the side!

Darrell drives the three Pomona students to SBI for an evening hike.

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