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And we are 4

Posted by: krm12008 | June 29, 2010 | 3 Comments |

Today there was a lot of excitement on the island – but not cheerful excitement.  Katrina, one of the other interns on the island, had to leave the island today for emergency medical reasons.  She didn’t have any work-related accidents or anything severely serious, but had been having appendicitis-like symptoms and the medical practictioners she and Pete called recommended that she receive immediate care, so Pete was able to find a boat to take her home today.  And now we are 4 – Pete the biologist, and 3 interns: Michelle, Jessie, and Me.

We all really hope that she will be fine and she will most likely be back with us on Saturday, unless she actually does need surgery or something, in which case she’ll return sometime later this summer.

Get well soon Katrina!

Yesterday we did Pigeon Guillemot diet watch on Lighthouse Hill, and today Pete and I did Murre diet watch from 11-1.  I was able to get a couple pictures later this afternoon at a different blind thats much closer to the Murres.

This Common Murre is holding a juvenile rockfish in its beak – you can identify that this is a rockfish by its silvery belly, its mottled red to brown back, and its barely forked tail that has collapsed to a forked square since it’s out of the water.

This is a Murre chick.  It’s still pretty young.  When they get to about fledging age, they look like little penguins! They can eat fish that are longer than they are tall – its pretty amazing.  And scary.

Hurry up and hatch!

While Katrina is gone, we will all be covering her studies so things are going to be wayyy busy at least until saturday, when Russ, Annie, and potentially Katrina return, and Pete goes on vacation.

That’s all for now,

Love, Kristina

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Hey, that was my fish for dinner!
The birds are so skillful for catching fish. I should have a group of birds as pets so I can eat fish all the time.
The egg care-keeper is so anxious. cute!
Hope Katrina is ok and well.

YOU’RE GETTING SO AWESOME AT TAKING PICTURES!! these are really amazing. the birds are soooooo cute

Still loving these blog posts Kristina! Your VIP visit sounds so fun–I always thought visitors were the greatest. Miss you lots, and see you in less than two months!!

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