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Presenting Seabird Summer Research Results!

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Last week students shared their summer research at the Pomona College Summer Undergraduate Research Poster Session. Nicole’15 shared her work creating computer programs to  analyze diving data in her poster, “Automating the Analysis of Cassin’s Auklet Diving Patterns Using Time-Depth Recorders and Python Programming.” Ramon’15 presented his poster on the study he carried out at Sea Ranch this summer, “The Bigger the Beak, The Faster You Seek: Foraging Time and Offspring Provisioning Among Pelagic Cormorants.”  Alumna Sophie’14 returned to present her findings on the expansion of Common Murres on Gualala Point Island in her poster, “Common Murres, Cormorants, and Citizen Science; Sharing Space on Gualala Point Island.”

Ramon focuses in on feeding rates

Ramon focuses in on feeding rates

Nicole gets deep into the detail of diving

Nicole gets deep into the details of diving

Sophie sells her poster on seabirds sharing space

Sophie says seabirds share space


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