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Behind the Scenes: The Sea Ranchers

Posted by: leo2015 | August 5, 2015 | No Comment |

Here are just a few sneak peeks into what goes on in the quest for blog material and research data.


Jeffrey and Kyle taking photos of some type of cliff rodent. (The hats are part of the process too!)


(Me) doodling caricatures of the nesting pelagic cormorants. Field research means field sketches too right?


Jeffrey scoping out the (Western gull) chicks. Yes, we all make that face when we use the scopes.


Some times the car ride between studies is the best time to lay down for a bit… If you don’t mind the teasing.

pic on bluff

Out and about during the BLM Point Arena-Stornetta celebration. Not quite a selfie but the rock formations were too wonderful to leave out of the shot so it’ll have to do.

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