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Mentoring senior thesis students is one of the best parts of my job– I always learn so much!

Three biology students wrote grant proposal senior theses in the fall:

Alondra wrote a grant to estimate bird mortality on campus from window strikes. Abbey wrote a grant investigating the impact of rising temperatures on bat wintering behavior. Lars wrote a grant to investigate the factors driving juvenile great white shark aggregating behavior.

From left to right: Alondra, Abbey, Prof. K. , Lars

Four Environmental Analysis students wrote senior theses:

Clare studied the diving behavior of Cassin’s auklets breeding on the Farallon Islands, Sabrina analyzed the factors leading to the population declines of Southern resident killer whales in the Pacific Northwest. Charlotte wrote about Japanese murrelets breeding in the Seto Sea. Brandon wrote about the aftermath of hurricane Harvey in Houston.

In the spring, two biology students finished their senior theses. Lilly investigated the diets of seed harvester ants and Payne studied the birds of the Bernard Field Station.

From left to right: Clare, Prof. K. and Sabrina


Brandon presenting his senior thesis


Charlotte (and Prof. K.) after her thesis presentation.


Lilly and her ants.


A spotted towhee painted by Payne.



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