Relativity: places I remember

graphite on stationary paper
8.5 x 11”


As an artist devoted to exploration on paper I am interested in the history of drawing and rendering in art and also the various utilitarian applications of drawing. From science to the most personal of marks, drawing is exploration and evidence, language and line, explanation and pure form. In my ongoing project, Relativity, I am making renderings of places I can remember having slept. These drawings are done entirely from memory, some within hours, some years removed. Memory is a narrative we create. It may seem fixed and somehow true, but is actually comprised of emotion, impression, limited knowledge, and sometimes a fragment of fact about a place or space. In trying to remember places I have slept and then draw them, I am exploring the illusiveness of my memory that at first impression seems so concrete. In my mind the image seems complete. In trying to commit my memory to paper the details fall away, my exposure to the techniques of image making and the history of images creep in. The drawing takes on a life of its own becoming a new and unnameable place.

cincinnati                                                 ahmednagar

barcelona                                                stockley street

sf hotel                                                   royal mansion

dundalk                                                   the grand canal

canada                                                      ny closet