How Do We Recover From the Worst Floods in Pakistan’s History? (Oct, 2022)

In a podcast with Asad Liaqat from Unpacking Us, Tahir Andrabi unpacks the stages of disaster recovery that Pakistan will go through. He speaks to his experience working on the 2005 earthquakes to think through what an effective flood relief and rehabilitation effort will look like. They talk about what the long-term effects might be on livelihoods and on health and education outcomes, and the interventions that can help minimize these effects. The podcast is also available on YoutubeGoogle Podcasts, Apple, Spotify, and Audible.

LUMS Live Session 119: Teachers, Technology, and Targeted Instruction (Sep, 2022)

Hosted in collaboration with the Syed Ahsan Ali and Syed Maratib Ali School of Education (SOE), LUMS Live Session 119 – Teachers, Technology and Targeted/Guided Instruction: A Systems Approach to Combating Learning Losses features Dr. Tahir Andrabi, Stedman-Sumner Professor of Economics at Pomona College. The session is moderated by Dr. Faisal Bari, Dean, SOE, and Dr. Tayyaba Tamim, Director, Academics, SOE.

Dr. Tahir Andrabi publishes new Insight Note on 2005 Pakistan earthquake’s disruptions to education in: We Have to Protect the Kids (joint with Jishnu Das, Benjamin Daniels)

RISE Blog: The Analytical Angle: Why Haven’t Past Education Reforms Had More Effect?

Dr. Tahir Andrabi, Outgoing Dean, SOE, LUMS, Congratulates the Graduating Class of 2020 (May, 2020)

Episode 5 – Dr. Tahir Andrabi on Learning Losses in the Context of the Pandemic.

Dr. Tahir Andrabi (Dean, LUMS SOE) – Message to MPhil ELM Candidates

SOT XI – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Dr. Tahir Andrabi at Leading Thinking Firms Lahore.

Dr. Tahir Andrabi (Dean, LUMS SOE) – Message to MPhil ELM Candidates

PSDF Conference – Dr. Tahir Andrabi

LUMS Live – Session 6: Pakistan’s Economic Fallout: Where do we go from here?

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