Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, I am chairing the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Pomona College, where I teach in the areas of late nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first century French literature, art and culture.

My research mainly deals with the relation between texts, images and aesthetics in the Avant-gardes. I am currently working on a book on colors.

More about me can be read on this Alumni profile page from Duke University.

Most of my publications are available for download in pdf format on my Academia page.

I have been a research associate for Savoirs des femmes (CRSH Canada 2012-2015), the LACOL co-leader representative for Pomona College (2015-2016), and am still a MDRN research affiliate (large-scale KU Leuven-based research initiative). Part of the exciting organizational staff of the website Littératures Mode d’Emploi,  I am also part of the scientific committee of the Revue de Photolittérature, on the review committee of the journal MuseMedusa, and have the honor to be on the editorial board of the Cahiers Benjamin Péret.

L’impressionnisme littéraire, my first book, was published in spring of 2013 by the Presses Universitaires de Vincennes. See this page for more details.

CV & I can be contacted here.