Using the BFS

Anyone using the BFS must adhere to the following policies, procedures, and rules:

  • Policies and standard operating procedures
  • Student rules for use of the BFS
  • Rules and instructions for use by community groups.

To conduct a project or activity on the BFS, each user or group must submit the appropriate on-line Use Request Form:

  • Course Request Form – to be completed by faculty for use by classes at the Claremont College or at other colleges and universities.
  • Research Request Form – to be used for all research projects, including Claremont College research projects, independent research projects conducted as part of a course, research projects by students or faculty at other colleges and universities, and any other research projects.
  • Other Use Request Form – for use by community groups, including K-12 classes, youth organizations (e.g., Boy and Girl Scouts), and other organizations as well as by college students, faculty, and staff for any uses other than classes and research projects. Note that community groups wishing to use the BFS should contact the BFS Director at to discuss the proposed use before submitting a use request form.

Anyone who is not are not students or employees of the Claremont Colleges must also sign one of the following waivers: