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As noted in the previous post, Sahara Mustard (Brassica tournefortii) has been a focus of volunteer efforts this semester, and here are a few photos from our first Sahara Mustard removal day on January 19. Thanks to Gerardo Vitale for some great pictures!

A flagged Sahara Mustard plant ready to be pulled. ©Nancy Hamlett.


The pale yellow flowers are a quick tip-off for recognizing Sahara Mustard. ©Nancy Hamlett.


Stacy Scibelli with a handful of Sahara Mustard. ©Gerardo Vitale.


Sneaky tiny mustard plants hiding in the grass are no match for Stacy! ©Gerardo Vitale.


A break from mustard pulling to enjoy the view and the beautiful day. ©Gerardo Vitale.

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