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It’s Star Thistle time again

Readers of this blog will known that one of our most problematic invasive weeds is the Maltese Star Thistle (Centaurea melitensis), also called Tocalote. Usually we devote May and June workdays to removing Maltese Star Thistles, but last September’s burn seems to have given the Maltese Star Thistles a fertilizer boost, and by early April […]

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Star Thistle finale

This academic year’s last two volunteer workdays on June 1 and 15 were devoted to finishing off the Maltese Star Thistles (Centaurea melitensis aka Tocalote). As previously discussed, Maltese Star Thistles are one of our most problematic invasive plants at the BFS. We’ve continued our strategy of having large infestations in open areas cleared with […]

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For a Few Thistles More

Although the BFS volunteers collected fistfuls of thistles last week, they didn’t quite get all the ones by the toad pond and southeast corner of the wake, so they went back this past Saturday for a few thistles more. We also collected some Italian Thistles that were in the vicinity. When we thought we had […]

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A Fistful of Thistles

In our third week of Star-thistle Wars, the BFS volunteers focused on an infestation around the ‘new’ toad pond and the areas along the trails and fire roads just southeast of pHake Lake.   We removed nearly all the star-thistles in this area, and the haul made quite a mound!

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STAR-thistle WARS

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. Oops! Wrong STAR WARS. Right now, in this very galaxy, on this very planet, right here at the Bernard Field Station, the valiant BFFs of the BFS battle are battling alien invaders in the STAR-thistle WARS. The alien invader is the Maltese Star-Thistle (Centaurea melitensis) […]

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