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Italian Thistles continued…

The past Saturday volunteers continued the war on Italian Thistles (Carduus pycnocepalus) in a clearing off the trail on the east side of pHake Lake. In the past this area had a fine stand to Italian Thistles, as well a patch of very scary looking Bull Thistles (Cirsium vulgare). Last year, volunteers removed all the […]

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Thistles and trails

On our last two BFS Volunteer Days, we’ve continued our attacks on Italian and Bull Thistles as well as doing some trail maintenance. On February 18, ten valiant volunteers pulled up 22 bags of Italian Thistles (Carduus pycnocephalus) from the mound with the “old” toad pond. Although we pulled a lot of thistles, more still […]

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Attacking Thistles!

The latest skirmish in the BFS’s war on invasive exotic plants took place Saturday, February 4, when 15 hardy volunteers attacked two patches of Italian and Bull Thistles. These two large very spiky purple-flowering thistles are native to Europe, western Asia, and north Africa. The were both introduced to North America accidentally — the Bull […]

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