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More cattail cutting…

The Saturday, October 6, volunteer workday continued the cutting of cattails (Typha latifolia) as well as some bulrushes (Schoenoplectus sp.) and smaller rushes (Juncus sp.) on the edge of pHake Lake. This time the work centered on the northeast corner of lake to clear a site on the north shore that is used for collecting […]

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Last of the cattails … for this year

This past Saturday’s volunteer workday was the last day of cattail removal for this year. The warm November weather enabled us to get in enough workdays to do the necessary clearing despite the earlier spate of canceled workdays. The volunteers concentrated on the area near and around the little island in the northeast corner of […]

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Cutting back Cattails

Conjure up a mental image of pHake Lake, and what do you see? Cattails! As shown nicely in the title image for this blog, a ring of Broad-leaved Cattails (Typha latifolia) almost completely encircles the lake. Broad-leaved Cattails are native to California, and the BFS they provide habitat for some of our resident native animals, […]

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