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In our third week of Star-thistle Wars, the BFS volunteers focused on an infestation around the ‘new’ toad pond and the areas along the trails and fire roads just southeast of pHake Lake.

Mike Tschudi with fistfuls of thistles pulled from among the Artemisia next to the fire road. ©Nancy Hamlett.


Bryan Visser (HMC ’13) and Anne Clark (HMC ’13) pull thistles by the toad pond. ©Nancy Hamlett.

We removed nearly all the star-thistles in this area, and the haul made quite a mound!

Dick Haskell, Anne Clark (HMC ’13), Bryan Visser (HMC ’13), and Mike Tschudi with the heap of thistles (and a few mustard plants) from weeks 1 and 3 of the star-thistle offensive. ©Nancy Hamlett.

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