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BFS 2014-2015 Volunteer Workdays started with a splash, as volunteers plunged into pHake Lake to cut back cattails around the boat landing area. Here you can see some of them at work:       Cattail cutting will be continuing for the next few workdays. If you’re up for getting wet and muddy, come cool […]

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Cutting back Cattails

Conjure up a mental image of pHake Lake, and what do you see? Cattails! As shown nicely in the title image for this blog, a ring of Broad-leaved Cattails (Typha latifolia) almost completely encircles the lake. Broad-leaved Cattails are native to California, and the BFS they provide habitat for some of our resident native animals, […]

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Around and into the lake!

Last Saturday, October 6, was the second volunteer workday for the fall. Part of the volunteer crew worked on clearing the remainder of the trail around pHake Lake, while the rest of the crew worked on cattail removal. As you can see from these photos, the trail clearing crew was quite successful. The entire trail […]

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Waging War on Weeds

One of the initiatives our Interim Manager, Dr. Jennifer Gee, has undertaken this year is to produce a BFS Vegetation Management Plan, which she developed in consultation with Dr. Chris McDonald, Desert Natural Resources Advisor for the University of California Cooperative Extension, San Bernardino County. The goals of the Vegetation Management Plan are to preseve […]

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