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Where are they now? PART II

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Elizabeth Ng graduated last May. She did her senior thesis on the fish component of penguin diets. Elizabeth has been an intern at NJ Audubon working on a citizen science project monitoring habitat use and foraging behavior of herons in NJ and NYC.  She is now moving to Klamath Falls, OR for an internship through that Conservation and Land Management Internship Program.

Elizabeth Ng at NJ Audubon

 Nell Baldwin graduated in May, 2010 and did a thesis in which she experimentally investigated the potential of pigs being fed on pasture land (versus given grain feed). Nell worked in the Arctic on the little auk study in 2007 and the Channel Island surveys in 2010! Nell has been working for GreenCorps running campaigns to protect food and water. She has some shocking stories; did you know that arsenic is often put in chicken feed?! 

Nell (second from the right) at a GreenCorps event.

Julia Gleichman graduated last year and did her senior thesis on both the Arctic little auks and tropical wedge-tailed shearwaters! She worked on the Arctic little auk research project in 2008. Julia won the biology department senior prize and she is now at Pomona College conducting neuroscience research on zebrafish.   

Julia with her very happy zebrafish.

Zachary Brown graduated in 2007. He did his senior thesis on using stable isotope chemistry of grunion otoliths to assess migration patterns. Zach worked on the Arctic little auk project the summer after he graduated and is now a graduate student at Stanford University. Zach has been collecting data for his doctorate in both the Arctic and Antarctic!

Zachary Brown on the ice in Antarctica

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