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We have a new addition to the BFS Bird List – the Rock Wren, Salpinctes obsoletus.

Cathy McFadden and Paul Clarke spotted a Rock Wren in the main east-west road between the lake road and the Botanic Garden greenhouses, but when they tried to capture it on video, it flew into the brush north of the road.

It seems unlikely that Rock Wrens will establish at the BFS as they prefer open rocky habitat, and we suspect that the one spotted was simply passing through on its way elsewhere.

Although we didn’t get a photo of the bird spotted at the BFS, you can see photos and information about Rock Wrens on All About Birds, including these cool facts:

  • The male Rock Wren may sing 100 or more different songs, many of which may be learned from neighbors.
  • Rock Wrens often build a pavement or walkway of small, flat stones or pebbles in front of their nest in a rock crevice, but the function of the pavement isn’t known.

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