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How do mites and snails that cope with extreme heat and desiccation in soil at the BFS? How can underwater robots track fish in 3D? How do ant species at the BFS differ among habitats, and how do they compare to ants found in adjacent suburbia?

The answers to these and many other questions can be found in the most recent crop of BFS theses and publications that we’ve just posted on the BFS website! They are listed below with links to abstracts and to full text (if it’s available online).

If you know of any publications or theses that we’ve missed, please let us know! We are also collecting reports and presentations on work done at the BFS, so if you have any of those, please pass them along!

Journal articles:

  • Wu, G. C., and J. C. Wright. 2015. Exceptional thermal tolerance and water resistance in the mite Paratarsotomus macropalpis (Erythracaridae) challenge prevailing explanations of physiological limits. Journal of Insect Physiology 82: 1-7 Abstract | HTML | PDF (Subscription required)
  • Staubus, W. J., E. S. Boyd, T. A. Adams, D. M. Spear, M. M. Dipman and W. M. Meyer III. 2015. Ant communities in native sage scrub, non-native grassland, and suburban habitats in Los Angeles County, USA: conservation implications. Journal of Insect Conservation 19: 669-680 Abstract | HTML | PDF
  • Lin, Y., H. Kastein, T. Peterson, C. White, C. G. Lowe, and C. M. Clark. 2014. A multi-AUV state estimator for determining the 3D position of tagged fish. Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2014): 3469-3475. Abstract | PDF

Dissertations & theses:

  • Dipman, Madison (2015) Factors driving early decomposition processes in low elevation habitat types of southern California. Bachelor of Arts, Pomona College, Biology. Advisor: Wallace Meyer. Abstract
  • Gormally, Brenna (2015) Comparing corticosterone concentrations in male Sceloporus occidentalis from urban and protected habitats. Bachelor of Arts, Pomona College, Biology. Advisor: Kristine Kaiser. Abstract
  • Hackenberger, Benjamin C. (2015). The San Antonio Wash: Addressing the gap between Claremont and Upland. Bachelor of Arts, Pomona College, Environmental Analysis. Readers: Char Miller, Lance Neckar, and John Bohn. Abstract | Thesis
  • Hernandez, Jessica (2015) The effects of urbanization on circulating testosterone levels in male Sceloporus occidentalis across urban and protected areas in the Los Angeles basin. Bachelor of Arts, Pomona College, Biology. Advisor: Kristine Kaiser. Abstract
  • Hollowell, Amanda C. (2015) Drivers of genotypic abundance and spatial spread in wild Bradyrhizobium. Doctor of Philosophy, University of California Riverside, Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics. Advisor: Joel Sachs. Abstract | Dissertation
  • Nuffer, Alex (2015) Relationship between soil nutrients and vegetation communities at the Robert J. Bernard Biological Field Station. Bachelor of Arts, Keck Science, Environmental Analysis. Advisor: Colin Robins. Abstract
  • Osborne, Rose (2015) Behavioral and physiological adaptations to avoid desiccation, starvation, and lethally high temperatures during estivation in the land snail Helminthoglypta tudiculata. Bachelor of Arts, Pomona College, Biology. Advisor: Jonathan Wright. Abstract
  • Stroutsos, Mia (2015) Environmental education curricula in the Inland Empire: ethnographic accounts of innovative schooling. Bachelor of Arts, Pitzer College, Anthropology and Environmental Analysis. Advisor: Claudia Strauss. Abstract

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