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If you’re curious about what went on at the BFS this past academic year, you can check out the “Robert J. Bernard Field Station 2015-16 Annual Report”, which is posted on our website.

The 2015-2016 BFS Annual Report

“Robert J. Bernard Field Station 2015-2016 Annual Report”
Click on the image to see the report.

We’ve also posted research publications for the 2015-2016 academic year, including six peer-reviewed journal articles and five senior theses. Do check them out!

Journal Articles:

  • Hollowell, A. C., J. U. Regus, D. Turissini, K. A. Gano-Cohen, R. Bantay, A. Bernardo, D. Moore, J. Pham, and J. L. Sachs. 2016. Metapopulation dominance and genomic island acquisition of Bradyrhizobium with superior catabolic capabilities. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 283: 20160496. Abstract | HTML | PDF (Subscription required)
  • Wheeler, M. M., M. M. Dipman, T. A. Adams, A. V. Ruina, C. R. Robins, and W. M. Meyer III. 2016. Carbon and nitrogen storage in California sage scrub and non-native grassland habitats. Journal of Arid Environments 129: 119-125 Abstract | HTML | PDF (subscription required)
  • Thomson, D. M., R. Cruz-de Hoyos, K. Cummings, and E. L. Schultz. 2016. Why are native annual abundances low in invaded grasslands? Testing the effects of competition and seed limitation. Plant Ecology 217: 431-432. Abstract | HTML | PDF (Subscription required)
  • Hollowell, A. C., J. U. Regus, K. A. Gano, R. Bantay, D. Centeno, J. Pham, J. Y. Lyu, D. Moore, A. Bernardo, G. Lopez, A. Patil, S. Patil, Y, Lii, and J. L. Sachs. 2016. Epidemic spread of symbiotic and non-symbiotic Bradyrhizobium genotypes across California. Microbial Ecology 71: 700-710. Abstract | HTML | PDF (Subscription required)
  • Wu, G. C., and J. C. Wright. 2015. Exceptional thermal tolerance and water resistance in the mite Paratarsotomus macropalpis (Erythracaridae) challenge prevailing explanations of physiological limits. Journal of Insect Physiology 82: 1-7 Abstract | HTML | PDF (Subscription required)
  • Staubus, W. J., E. S. Boyd, T. A. Adams, D. M. Spear, M. M. Dipman and W. M. Meyer III. 2015. Ant communities in native sage scrub, non-native grassland, and suburban habitats in Los Angeles County, USA: conservation implications. Journal of Insect Conservation 19: 669-680 Abstract | HTML | PDF


  • Adams, Tessa (2016) Effects of fire on ant assemblages in California sage scrub. Bachelor of Arts, Pomona College, Biology. Advisor: Wallace Meyer. Abstract
  • Cowen, Madeline (2016) Offspring dispersal and territory acquisition of Western scrub-jays (Aphelocoma californica californica) at the Bernard Field Station. Advisor: Rachel Levin. Abstract
  • Sartorius, Andrea (2016) The effects of type-conversion and fire on sage scrub vertebrate assemblages. Bachelor of Arts, Pomona College. Advisors: Nina Karnovsky & Wallace Meyer. Abstract
  • Startin, Charlotte (2016) The effects of light pollution on the foraging behavior of Caltpte anna
    and Selasphorus sasin. Advisor: Elise Ferree.
  • Farooq, Ana (2016) Effects of light and noise pollution on bird vocalizations. Advisor: Elise

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