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Lots of useful BFS bird data are available on eBird, a public repository of bird records sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society. The BFS has been designated as an eBird “Hotspot”, and you can go directly to the Bernard Field Station Hotspot page, which shows the full list of species reported at the BFS:

eBird has recently implemented a number of new features. You can get histograms of sightings by season, find detailed information on a particular species, access photos, audio files and comments, and view an illustrated checklist or download a printable checklist. For more information on accessing all these features, please see our updated instructions for viewing BFS data on eBird.

Many thanks to Prof. Cathy McFadden, Harvey Mudd College, whose monthly BFS bird surveys (2001-present) provided the vast majority of the eBird data. Additional observations have been contributed by the 5C Birding Club as well as other BFS researchers and visitors.

If you have bird observations, photographs, or audio recordings from the BFS, please consider contributing them to eBird!

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